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19 children and 2 teachers were killed at Robb Elementary in Uvalde, TX. This is the 212th mas shooting just in 2022 in America.

We are coping with anger, sadness, and fear, while asking ourselves a thousand questions. Is this the status quo we must accept? Is no one able to stop this from happening over and over again? Why is this only happening here?


We can’t get used to reacting. We can’t just wait for somebody else to solve this. We need to start taking ACTION, as companies, as workers, as Americans, and as human beings. We must start by doing whatever we can, small or big, to push in the right direction for this to change. Change only comes after action, so let’s take action. Together. NOW. 


Pest Force Pest Control will donate a percentage of any new service payment to NGO, volunteers, and relief funds helping the Uvalde Community after the Robb Elementary shooting.


Also, here you have some links and information about institutions and initiatives helping the Uvalde victims and working on how to prevent these tragedies to happen again, so you can extend your hand in any way you can. Let’s take action!

May God Bless Us all. 

Austin Elrod


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University Health, a teaching hospital in San Antonio where at least four victims were treated, also encouraged the public to sign up to donate blood. “Your donation can help ensure we have supplies immediately available for the victims of this tragic shooting,”

Click here for donor room availability


The League of United Latin American Citizens, a Hispanic and Latino civil rights organization, was collecting donations for the families of the victims and survivors.


The GoFundMe community is coming together to support all those affected. Our Trust & Safety team will continue to update this hub with more fundraisers as they are verified. Donate to verified Texas elementary school shooting fundraisers to offer your help.

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